Fairground Ave Stormwater Park and IAC Site Subdivision Plans

Carlisle Borough held a public meeting on January 26th 2017 to unveil their new plans for the stormwater park the will buffer the IAC redevelopment site and Fairground Avenue.  We saw initial conceptual plans back in May 2014 and these plans further parsed out the new amenities.  The park is designed to both mitigate the issue of stormwater run off and flooding in the area while providing a new pedestrian focused park with a variety of amenities for residents.
The new design shifts Fairground Ave. east substantially, providing more space between residents homes and the street compared to the current layout.  On the east side of the park the new commercial district will be built that will include the Hilton Hotel and restaurants (no confirmed restaurants have been disclosed as of this post) so the space can serve as a residential park as well as a draw for patrons of the commercial spaces once they are built.

This park has not been fully funded and the installation will likely be incremental as funding is available.  It was discussed that the roundabout at N. Hanover and Penn could start construction by the end of this year.

When viewing the images on the maps there are some pop-out pictures that provide examples of how certain additions might look.  These are not definitive but would likely look similar in style.  Some amenities include an amphitheater, multi-use walking/biking path, 3 small adjacent play spaces for toddlers, 2-5 year olds and 5-12 year olds, natural plantings, interconnected walking paths and arbors.  Additionally, attendees discussed the possibility of a small skate park near the far end bordering the railroad tracks.

This plan looks similar in scope to parks that much larger towns and cities have invested in and we are looking forward to seeing this project realized.

Images from the entire presentation are available in this PDF we compiled from pictures taken at the open house.

A few weeks prior to the Stormwater meeting West Side Neighbors was able to obtain the subdivision plans for the IAC site that will help residents further conceptualize the space as a whole unit.  This subdivision plan was approved by Borough Council in Fall 2016.  It cuts the larger IAC site into smaller sections.  Carlisle Events (owner of the space) will then have to submit land use plans for approval by Borough Council for each individual parcel as commercial contracts are awarded.  This subdivision plan is dense and is 50 pages long.  The image below is the main overview map of the site and is located on page 7 of the document.  Each page from the subdivision plan was photographed and compiled into a pdf for easier reading and this will allow you to zoom into details