Neighborhood Meeting with Pirhl Developers-12/7 6:30pm

Neighborhood Meeting with Pirhl Developers
12/7 6:30pm
Friends Meeting House (Quaker Church)
252 A St.

Pirhl Developers has been working for the last few months to secure funding to purchase the Tire and Wheel Site.  They met with us earlier this year and then presented to borough council an updated plan based on some of the neighbors comments.  Borough Council approved their plans, stating that they met the mixed-use zoning for the lot which allowed them to move forward with trying to secure funding.  They have now secured funding for the work force housing in the north 2 blocks but they didn’t secure funding for the A st lot which is where the Senior housing and Commercial buildings would be located.  They have a contract to purchase that plot if they get funding and have first right of refusal in case another group wants to purchase the space and develop it.  A small group of neighbors met with Pirhl prior to the Planning Commission meeting last week.  We asked some questions there but also sent along some questions to the planning commission.  The commission was tasked with evaluating a proposal to approve a subdivision of the land.  This would allow Pirhl to move forward on the funded development and wait on the area they don’t have finances to purchase.

The main concern we sent forth was trying to find out if there is any penalty if Pirhl backs out of the contract for the front portion once the land is subdivided.  Also, if they do still have a contract on the land, is anyone at the borough level still promoting the space to other developers in case it is a good fit for another project in the meantime.

The planning commission did approve the initial subdivision plans for the building of the townhouse, park, green space and community building once the land design plans are approved at a later meeting. Pirhl would also be paying to extend C st. through and the borough would  pay for B st. to be extended.  The subdivision plans will be presented to Borough Council for approval at their December 8th meeting at 7pm.

Pirhl has offered to have a meeting with West Side Neighbors the evening before to further discuss the renovated plans and to clear up questions that have been asked since the initial meeting.

Additional plans have been posted about the IAC site recently.  It should be noted that West Side Neighbors have never been invited to a meeting with Carlisle Events and were not made aware of any public planning commission or borough council meetings when these subdivision plans were being discussed.

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