Planning Commission Meeting-PIRHL-Tire & Wheel Plans

20160128_180118PIRHL Development presented updated plans for the Tire and Wheel site to the Planning Commission on Thursday January 28th, 2016.  PIRHL is asking Borough Council to write a letter of support for their application for federal funding/tax subsidies. They presented the plan to the Planning Commission so they would send a recommendation to Borough Council.

Original Plan Design
Original Plan Design

There were changes to the plan from when they presented at the last Carlisle West Side Neighbors Meeting in January.  Some changes were a result of the comments neighbors had brought up at the meeting and other changes were due to comments brought by the borough consultant, Stromberg/Garrigan Associates, who drew up the original Carlisle Urban Redevelopment plans and guidelines for what the borough wants to see happen on those sites.

Some of those updates include:

  • Updated Plan
    Updated Plan

    In the original plan, the upper development that borders D street crossed over into the area that would be C street if it was put back into place connecting College st. and Factory St.  Building units over this area was not allowed in the borough guidelines so the development was pushed back up making a clear space for C street if they wanted to reconnect it.

  • The original parking area of the retirement village was adjusted to incorporate more parking spaces, decreasing the green space proposed.
  • 20160128_174954The affordable housing units were required to have 6 foot offset from each other so homes stagger closer and farther back so units have a more defined space between connecting homes.




Updates that came from community input:

  • Reduced Retirement Community to 3 stories
  • 20160128_175539_HDRCreated new park space within the parking area of the retirement village so A street residents won’t be looking into an empty parking lot
  • A new skate park was added to the design as it was requested that amenities that are available at nearby parks won’t be replicated on the new greenspace.  There were comments about middle school age youth not having enough options and this is something that is not available anywhere else in town.
  • 20160128_174436_HDRThe plans altered some of the amenities to the club house/office building.  There will still be a computer room and small fitness area as well as additional game space where ping pong and pool tables for residents and youth would be available.  This offers more recreation opportunities in the cold weather months.
  • The existing trees bordering the site were called out on the design and they “will ensure as much as possible” that the trees be kept
  • Took design cues from existing housing stock to ensure the development blends into the existing fabric of the neighborhood.

The next Borough Council meeting is February 11th and the Planning Commission did not verify if they would be able to give a recommendation either way prior to that.  The borough changes were given to PIRHL on the 26th so the Planning Commission received the older plans and PIRHL updated a few slides for their presentation to reflect the changes.  They were going to send updated plans to the Planning Commission following the meeting.

24-IMG_4785If you still have additional comments or concerns, please feel free to contact PIRHL representatives or Borough Council members prior to the February 11th council meeting.  The meeting is open to the public.


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