HP Park Raised Garden Bed Dedication and Carpentry Certificate Award Ceremony Recap

A celebration for the graduation of 5 carpentry students (Layton Brooks, Abdul Nyero, Scott Webber, Nafee Larrimore) who built 3 raised garden beds was held in Heberlig Palmer Park on Saturday October 10th. The 7 week course was part of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative that Mayor Tim Scott has been leading. The Employment Skills Center, led by Margi Weitzel and Callie Hazan, coordinated the program with financial and programming support from Chris Varner of the Elm Street Program and the Partnership for Better Health. Cody Ebersole trained the students through his initiative, CodyZ Academy.

Many individuals in the community also supported the program in a variety of ways. Anthony Stackfield recruited all of the students, Dave Merrill of Liberty Tax volunteered to teach math, Allan Galbraith of Galbraith designes volunteered for a session with the students and Jim Washington of Hope Station provided additional assistance.

The program ran for 7 consecutive Saturdays and many restaurants and groups supported the program by providing free lunches.  The following places/groups donated lunches:

  • Carlisle Police Department
  • Athan Mazias of Hamilton Restaurant
  • Mark Bricker of Brick Kitchen and Bar
  • Steve and Cindy Cutia of Momma Spriggs
  • Frank and Sherry Mosley