Creative Building Concepts buys Hollinger Building; Plans renovation

The Tire and Wheel site has been quiet since demolition ceased many months back and we check in periodically with the current owners to see if they have any updates for the neighborhood.  The main site is still actively seeking developers but the Hollinger Building on the corner of B St and North College has been sold to local design firm Creative Building Concepts. You likely will recognize their logo as they are the firm who renovated Fast Eddies into Warm Springs Salon and their current undertakings are the renovation of Blondies into a restaurant and they are transforming the old Line and Line Jewelry site into a private residence.  That redesign will renovate the 3 stories and tear down one portion of a wall, creating a large window spanning 2 stories on the east side.

We also learned that Creative Building Concepts is now a West Side Neighbor themselves since they relocated their headquarters this past winter to the old fishing shop on D Street near the intersection of North Pitt St.  It is wonderful to see their business so heavily invested in our neighborhood and more great opportunities come with their purchase of the Hollinger building.

Ross Garner (right) chats with Elm Street Manager, Chris Varner, prior to the building tour.
Ross Garner (right) chats with Elm Street Manager, Chris Varner, prior to the building tour.

Ross Gardner is the co-owner of the firm (with Ben Havens) and offered some West Side Neighbors a tour of the building and chatted with us about some possibilities for the renovated space in the future.  They originally considered having apartments on all 3 floors but they are currently entertaining the idea of some sort of retail on the ground level with apartments on the second and third floors.  There are no tenants lined up yet but many ideas were thrown around by the neighbors in attendance with such ideas as a brewery, restaurant, a gym or office space.

The second floor has the highest ceilings coming in at 16 feet so those spaces would likely be loft style apartments.

Although the space has been neglected for awhile, Ross noted that the masonry is very much intact and is in better condition than other historic buildings they have rehabbed in town.  The ground floor is cement and the upper floors are wood.  Some of the wood floors do have some buckling but the space is structurally sound enough to tour the entire building.  It was fascinating to see the artifacts left from the Tire and Wheel factory.  Some broken windows have allowed birds to make a temporary home in the upper floors and old signs and documents are still peppered throughout the walls and floors.  Walking through the space with no electricity proved that the large windows will fill the future apartments and retails space with ample natural light.

The purchase also includes the large parking lot across B Street on the corner of N. College.  There is also a garage door on the west side of the main building that meets with ground level and connects to a small paved area and the another medium sized parking area is on the north side of the building.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in contracting the ground level for retail use, please contact Ross Garner at Creative Building Concepts.  We would like to thank Ross, and Creative Building Concepts, for being so open to giving West Side Neighbors a tour of the building and we can’t wait to see how they restore this historical building in our neighborhood.