Security Camera to be installed in HP Park this Spring

This spring, the first of many planned upgrades will finally be installed in Heberlig Palmer Park as the borough will be adding a security camera that connects with their surveillance system.  Improving the safety in and around the park was the first priority when we started discussing improvements with neighbors.  Again and again, requests for better lighting and a security camera were brought forth.  Improved lighting will also be addressed as additional park enhancements are installed later this year or early 2016.

“The borough hopes to install four new cameras by the end of next month, according to Carlisle Police Chief Stephen Margeson.

“They are surveillance cameras,” he said. “For the most part they are located at street intersections on poles, on light poles, where the traffic signals are out there.”

There will be two cameras located at LeTort Park as well as one located at Heberlig Palmer Park and one on Church Avenue behind Bosler Library.”

 Read the full article from the Sentinel.