Frederick, Seibert & Associates, Inc. hired to design Heberlig Palmer Park Construction Plans

We are happy to announce that Carlisle Borough has hired Frederick, Seibert & Associates (FSA) to design construction plans for the Heberlig Palmer Park upgrade.  They will then oversee the construction as contractors implement the different projects within the park.  This project is funded through funds raised from individual, business and grant donations including grants from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Partnership for Better Health and Community Development Block Grants.  FSA has previously worked with the borough on work at Forbes Path and they are leading the design and development of the new pocket park that will be built adjacent to the Historical Society on North Pitt Street.

The Heberlig Palmer Park improvement project has been a partnership between Carlisle West Side Neighbors, the Borough of Carlisle and the Downtown Carlisle Association.  West Side Neighbors have been working since early 2013 to shepherd this project along so it is a wonderful day when we can hand the remaining work to skilled designers and engineers so they can see it through to completion.

Since it is very early on in the design process, we can’t give an accurate projected timeline but over the course of the summer residents will see more activity in the park as workers complete surveying for the initial design plans.  We will post updates as a more detailed timeline emerges and when construction will begin on different upgrades in the park.

We want to thank every person who has donated their time, resources or money to make this idea become a reality.  It would not have gotten to this point without all of your continual support.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead