Help Carlisle become a more Vibrant, Connected and Playful Community!

The Carlisle Neighborhood Alliance is a network of residents who have come together to develop a sense of community and build relationships between each other and the downtown. To make this vision a reality, we will be focusing on seven working groups (six included in this survey) made up of local residents and community partners to push forward some innovative and exciting projects. We welcome anyone and everyone to be involved.
Many of these projects will focus on the Elm Street area (High Street to A Street – College Street to East Street). However, these projects can also serve as pilots for other areas as well. Support from anyone is welcome, and wherever possible we will expand projects to encompass a wider footprint.

We are looking for people who are interested in helping to get some of these ideas off the ground. Please complete this survey and let us know what you may be willing to help with. It should only take about 10 minutes to complete.

You are NOT signing up for anything by completing this survey; however, if you indicate that you’d like to help with any of the projects, somebody from that working group will get in touch as soon as possible. If not, thank you for providing your input.
Focus Areas (included in the survey):
Safe Streets for Walkers and Cyclists
-Safe Routes to School
-Bike-ability Audits

Improve the Streetscape-Creative Placemaking
-Public Art
-Creative Spaces – Finding ways to use our public spaces more creatively. From
urban cross stitch2mini-parks and community gardens to parklets and little free libraries, there are many
ways to create streets which fun for everyone.
-Home Garden Competition

Safe Neighborhoods – Free from Crime
-Neighborhood Watch/Adopt-a-Block
-Anti-Graffiti Campaign
light6-Street Lighting / Project Porch light – One way to decrease crime is to increase

Keep Streets Clean and Green
-Clean-up Days – We will continue our neighborhood cleans-ups which focus on our parks
and streets to remove any litter and landscape areas of need.
-Anti-Litter Campaign

Increasing Opportunities to Engage with Community litter6and Downtown
-Neighborhood Workshop Series – Promoting workshops on local history, local
interests, and local issues. This can support do-it-yourself work, as well as raising
awareness of changes in local policy.
-Localtunity and the LoveCard – Ways to get people to our local
farmers market, as well as downtown businesses by developing a program for local
residents which offers deals and promotions.

Connecting Neighbors and Encouraging a Sense of Community
-Carlisle’s Finest – Recognizing the local people that make our
community great
-Neighborhood Banners/Flags
-Neighborhood Events and Parties

If you have any further suggestions or comments, feel free to contact:
Chris Varner
Elm Street Manager