United Way Day of Caring-Ahold Volunteers Work in HP Park

The United Way coordinated with us to send some volunteers from Ahold Corporation to work in the park during their Day of Caring.  15 volunteers worked for 3 hours and painted over the last of the graffiti left on structures along the park, layered Frog Alley with a thick coat of mulch so weeds won’t overtake it next year, cleared weeds and overgrowth along the parking area and west border of the park, dug holes for trees and raked leaves.

Check out the incredible work they did on the shed at the intersection of the alleys, Birch and Lincoln Ave. This graffiti and rust covered shed could be seen from all entrances to the park and gave a terrible impression of the area.  This was the last structure along the park that still had graffiti remaining and now that it is painted the area is starting to look more maintained and presents the park in a better light.

Check out all of the pictures on our Facebook page.


Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.14.36 AM