The Lifelong Impact of a Criminal Record-Presentation at CASD Swartz Intermediate Auditorium

What: The Lifelong Impact of a Criminal Record Panel Presentation
When: Wednesday January 15th 7-9pm
Where: Carlisle Area School District Swartz Intermediate Auditorium
623 West Penn Street, Carlisle
John A. Abom Abom & Kutulakis, LLC,
David J. Freed Cumberland Count District Attorney
Robert P. Kline, Esq. President, Cumberland County Bar Association
Nick Matash, Esq.MidPenn Legal Services
Samuel E. Miller, Cumberland County Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

In light of all of the news about the crime increase in our neighborhood, this could be a great opportunity to discuss this in an open forum with professionals who deal with the criminal justice system daily.  The presentation is obviously aimed towards students to help them understand what happens when they have a criminal record and how it follows them forever, but there will be a question and answer period where additional, related questions can be posed to the panel.  During the “Take Back the Streets” town hall meeting that Hope Station had in October a few other issues were discussed that didn’t have a full answer given at the time.

One was what do people who have a record do if they truly want to make a new start and their record is holding them back?  They then have to rely on the government/service agencies for support because they can’t support themselves financially.  Jim Washington, from Hope Station, echoed this in an article in the Patriot about the community helping to combat violence.

“A lot of people with criminal records come to me and ask, ‘How do I get a job?’ They come here for help. We don’t have rose-colored glasses on; we’re just trying,” Washington said.

Another area we are interested in learning more about is how plea deals and sentencing are given to criminals, especially when they have long criminal records filled with violence.   Many of the people who have been in the news for violence in our community lately have been known well by the police department prior to their most recent arrests.

The event will be held at the Carlisle Area School District Swartz Intermediate Auditorium on January 15, 2014 from 7-9pm.  This event is free and open to the public; parents and students are encouraged to attend.

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