The Patriot Covers Carlisle Crime Increase in 3 Part Story

Crime in Carlisle has been in the news lately but Iris Martinez likes the changes coming to the small park near her home. She’s active in the neighborhood and said crime is not too bad there. Neighbors know neighbors. Mark Pynes |

Eric Veronikis of the Patriot has put together a 3 piece story about the increasing crime that Carlisle has seen in the past 2 years. He interviews local officials, residents and police. A few westsiders were interviewed for the piece including Curtis Woodbridge, Lissy Weirich, Charles Petty, Jim and Ginny Hertzler and Iris Martinez. They also spoke with Jim Washington from Hope Station.

The Heberlig Palmer Park Project is also discussed as part of the effort to take back our community.

The articles include a timeline of the recent incidents and video interivews with Carlisle Police Chief Stephen Margeson and Mayor-elect Tim Scott, Carlisle crime victim Charles Petty,  and Carlisle residents Curtis Woodbridge and Jim Hertzler.

Residents look to community to help fight Carlisle crime

“I feel a little less safe. But [Carlisle] still has a lot of good, solid people who respect each other,” said Curtis Woodbridge, who lives near the Heberlig Palmer Tot Lot and is part of the improvement effort. “We’ve been fortunate with our police department. It’s frustrating for them, too. They keep arresting the same people.” – Curtis Woodbridge, West Side Resident

Carlisle attack victim: ‘Talk doesn’t change anything’

“You have to stop (crime) now. You can’t start something and forget about it,” he said. “We need to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling, instead of letting it drop off.” -Charles Petty, , West Side Resident

Vicious crimes startle Carlisle; officials promise continued vigilance

“I campaigned all year, and no one told me they felt unsafe in Carlisle,” he said. “I’m a proponent of community policing. So is the chief. I want to take it to another level. I can’t predict the future, but we must be prepared.” – Mayor Elect Tim Scott

They also posted an open comment forum asking if you feel safe in Carlisle.  Feel free to comment to further this constructive dialog.


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  1. […] In light of all of the news about the crime increase in our neighborhood, this could be a great opportunity to discuss this in an open forum with professionals who deal with the criminal justice system daily.  The presentation is obviously aimed towards students to help them understand what happens when they have a criminal record and how it follows them forever, but there will be a question and answer period where additional, related questions can be posed to the panel.  During the “Take Back the Streets” town hall meeting that Hope Station had in October a few other issues were discussed that didn’t have a full answer given at the time. […]

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