Community Engagement and Perceptions of the Tire and Wheel Factory Redevelopment

Taylor Wilmot is a recent graduate from Dickinson College who spent much of her senior year researching the community perceptions around the redevelopment of the Tire and Wheel Plant.  She researched the  history of the factory, surrounding neighborhood and Carlisle in general and interviewed residents and other stakeholders to get perspectives on all aspects that affect this area.  Topics of focus included community needs, race and class, rentals and home ownership, town-gown perceptions, neighborhood crime, public participation in redevelopment meetings and other related topics.  Her in-depth research culminated in a 60 page paper she wrote for her senior thesis.  She has shared her paper so people in the community can see what insights she was able to uncover through her 9 month research.

Since graduating in May 2013 she has stayed in the area while working as an intern at the Dickinson College farm.  Her work in the Northwest quadrant of Carlisle left a strong impression on her and the Sentinel just reported about her work to secure a grant for Farmer’s on the Square the allowed SNAP participants to double their assistance dollars at the market through the Double Up Food Bucks program. 

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Here are a few graphs from the research paper that give an overview of the Northwest Quadrant and the people she was able to interview.  Much more detailed information is available in the document itself.