The Sweet Sounds of Demolition

Neighbors living near the Tire and Wheel Factory Site awoke to sounds we haven’t heard in many months.  Demolition.  We welcome the sounds of bulldozers and falling rubble after 5 long months of nothing moving on site.  There was a permitting issue that required the work to cease somewhere around June/July 2013 and we have been patiently awaiting for work to begin again.  Also, the run down house across from Tire and Wheel, located next to the Hollander Building, is owned privately but work to demolish that structure was also happening this morning. Maybe those giant black towers will soon no longer obstruct a view of the blue skies…….


I got an email from REINVEST Solutions who owns the site and they said “We hope to wrap this phase up in 8-10 weeks.”.  Also, by lunch time the house was already completely demolished.  That was FAST!