Keep It Clean Carlisle! Take 10 Minutes to Make Your Place Shine

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The Downtown Carlisle Association’s Design Committee announced today new programs targeting downtown litter and debris. The overall Keep It Clean Carlisle! program will provide on-going programs dedicated to maintaining a beautiful downtown streetscape. Concentrating in the downtown C-1 district (North to South Street & Bedford to West Street) this program will target educating business owners, property owners, students and workers on the benefits and actively participating in keeping downtown clean. Autumn / Winter was chosen at a great time to launch these programs since there will be more leaves and debris on the ground, along with future snow, which the businesses are responsible for keeping off of the sidewalks.

Starting this week, the first program “Ten on Tuesdays” program asks that all Downtown businesses and building owners take 10 minutes every Tuesday morning to spruce up around their buildings or store.  Maureen Mahr, Operations Director of the Salvation Army and Design Committee Chair stated “If each business spends just 10 minutes every Tuesday, pulling weeds, washing windows, sweeping the sidewalk or picking up the trash it would have a positive effect on the beautification of our Downtown. A little time can make a big difference.”  The “Ten on Tuesdays” program is not a new program. Justin Witmer, DCA Board Member and Downtown M & T Bank Manager saw the idea being implemented in Chambersburg and thought it could help here as a quick and easy way to get business owners to walk out the front door and look at their building as a customer would see it.

The DCA also had a grant pending for equipment and wages for a part-time employee to go around each quadrant of downtown and blow off leaves, pick up trash, pull weeds, and make note of larger issues that would need Codes involvement. If funded, this downtown “Clean Team” would start right away.

Ed Bidelspach, of F&M Trust and President of the Downtown Carlisle Association stated “There is a constant education and re-education process going on to inform people they are responsible for the condition of their facades and sidewalks. We want people to enjoy a clean downtown.”

Part of the Main Street 4-point Approach to revitalization is a Design standard that tries to get Downtown’s into top physical shape. This design point looks at downtown facades, sidewalks, flowers, litter control, and other visual blight issues.

“We need everyone to be involved with this,” stated Glenn White, Executive Director of the Downtown Carlisle Association, “from workers to students, residents and visitors, we need to take pride in our downtown and Keep It Clean!”

The Downtown Carlisle Association is a main street development organization that markets and promotes the assets of the Carlisle Region for the benefit of downtown shopping, tourism, business recruitment, and economic development. Through various tourism events, downtown beautification initiatives, retail recruitment and downtown residential revitalization, we make Downtown a great place to live, work, shop & play!