Heberlig-Palmer Park Draft Design Meeting Recap and Updates

Neighbors waiting for meeting to start.

Next Meeting:
When: August 19th 6:30pm
Where: Heberlig-Palmer Tot Lot (Rain Location Friends Meeting House 252 A Street -directly across the street from the Tire and Wheel site)
Who: Anyone, Everyone
What: This will be the first meeting to really plan out our first steps to get this project funded and organized.
(Meetings will be held every month going foward on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30pm.  While weather is still nice, we will meet in the Park and we will move to Friends Meeting House 252 A Street as it gets colder.)

On Monday, August 5th, about 30 people attended a meeting to review the initial redesign created by Chris Brown of Derck and Edson. He addressed many questions related to design such as:

Q: Can an port-a-potty be installed there?
A:  It could, but most parks that have them also have team sports that practice there regularly.  The port-a-potties are only opened by a key that the team has.  It wouldn’t be publicly available for use.  One could always be rented for a few big events a year though if things were programmed there.

Q: There isn’t a water fountain on the design, can one be added?
A: This was addressed at the Parks and Rec meeting and they seemed receptive to the idea.  Details weren’t discussed about installation costs or maintenance but those are things were are going to look into.

Q: How much are the lights that are being proposed for installation?  What types of lights are they?
A: These are canned lights about 2 feet tall that are submerged underground and illuminate trees or buildings from below.  The light goes up and then is reflected back down from the leaves or roof of the pavilion.   These are $400 but probably another $200 for installation.  The large pole lights often seen in parks are about $2500 each, plus installation, so these would stretch our dollars farther while shining light on the park and not into peoples windows.  A few pole lights may be needed along the parking area to the east.

Q: Can a fence be built around the children’s play area for safety.
A: This is a possibility that should be explored.  We need to investigate types of fence and costs a for purchase and installation.

Almost everyone walked or biked to the meeting.  We hardly ever see the bike rack this full.  More bikes came after this was taken!
Almost everyone walked or biked to the meeting. We hardly ever see the bike rack this full. More bikes came after this was taken!

Q: What can be done about the graffiti around fences and garages in the park?
A: We have to work with the home owners to

Q: Can we get security cameras installed in the park?
A: Cameras have been installed in other parks in town so it is a possibility.  On Wednesday of this week, we attended the Public Safety Meeting at the Police Station to give a quick overview of the plan and specifically discuss installing cameras and to make them aware of the lighting we were recommending.  The group will do some research on possibilities related to these requests.

Q: There used to be a building in town for the Police Athletic League which allowed residents and children access to an indoor basketball court and other recreation facilities.  Could something like this be built in the park so it could be used year round.
A: It was not recommended to remove green space for this type of request and the cost would be prohibitive.  It was recommended that we address the concerns of limited access to indoor recreation opportunities for lower income residents by making this a priority that Stuart Community Center offers some free drop in times for open gym.

Q: Who will be making the decisions going forward?

A: this is a grassroots, community project and the residents will be deciding what we want to see in the park.  To move forward, we need to have Parks and Rec and Borough Council approve the changes.  Because this park is located in the Elm Street area of Carlisle, we are able to have Elm Street Program Manager, Eddy Kaplaniak, assist us throughout the process as we have questions or ideas.

Q: How much will this cost and do we have enough money for it?

A: We don’t have a full cost estimate for the entire project.  This will be something the community will be researching.  we have $27,000 to start the project and one of our first priorities is to generate a fundraising campaign and marketing strategy so most funds needed could be raised by late spring.  There is a grant opportunity that happens through DCNR in April that could match whatever funds we have raised at that point.

We are connecting people who are interested in carrying this project forward by setting up monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month.  The first meeting will be Monday August 19th at 6:30pm in the park.

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