Carlisle Tire and Wheel Work Ceased

1006128_615939241757058_584128301_n (1)Some residents who live near the Tire and Wheel site have noticed a lack of activity on the site.  We contacted RE-Invest Solutions, the owner of the site to find out what caused the work to cease.  We received the following information from Tom Lobasso of the company:

“The reason for the temporary hold-up is that we are waiting for the PADEP and Cumberland County Conservation District (CCCD) to approve a National Pollution Discharge Elimination Permit (NPDES) which regulates surface and sediment discharges from the site.  Although we have been successful in not causing sediment or precipitation runoff from the site (as evidenced from the neatness of our contractors operations for which we have received high marks), we happen to be in a special watershed area of LeTort Creek, which our contractor was not aware of.  The local CCCD representative determined that the operation was not consistent with the State Code and requested we shut down until we apply for a NPDES permit and implement measures to improve upon the best management practices we already had in place.

I met with CCCD this past Weds and they mentioned that they and the PADEP consider this to be a Priority 1 site and that they are expediting their review so that we can get started again. DEP had only a few comments to our revised plan and was able to return their comments in a 6-week time frame (usually 10 to 12 weeks).  All regulatory agencies have been extremely understanding and helpful in expediting this process. We are in the process of scheduling a meeting with DEP in Harrisburg in the next 2-weeks to finalize the application and work plan.  DEP can issue a permit as early as September 1st.  We anticipate ramping up again immediately thereafter.

As for the remaining work, our contactor estimates it will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete the demolition (slabs foundations crushing silo etc).  In the meantime as of yesterday, we have begun our next phase of work the environmental assessment which will involve collecting soil and groundwater samples.  We have finalized all of the administrative details with CCHRA and DCED and have contracted with all of the drilling , laboratory, surveying another firms needed to perform this work.”