Heberlig Palmer Tot Lot Draft Design and Renovation Meeting

What: Heberlig Palmer Tot Lot Design and Renovation Meeting
Where: Heberlig Palmer Tot Lot (between Pitt St, Lincoln St., West St, & A St)
When: Monday August 5th 6:30 PM
Who: Everyone, Anyone

130620-totlot 40 scale linework (1)

Back in May, the neighborhood and interested community partners, got together to have a lively discussion about how we can improve Heberlig Palmer Tot Lot.  Thanks to some grant funds from the Elm Street Program, we were able to have Chris Brown from Derck & Edson Associates there to listen to everyone’s thoughts so he could bring back a cohesive design for the park.  We have been in touch with Carlisle Parks and Recreation throughout the planning to ensure we would come up with a design that they could support.  We addressed the Parks and Recreation Board last night and presented an overview of the design and discussed areas of particular concern that they had, such as maintenance and long term costs associated with it.  Although some questions aren’t fully answered yet, the board seemed receptive to the plan so far and we are ready to move this project forward by bringing it back to the community for further discussion and to organize a group of residents who can help make this plan become a reality.

There will be a meeting Monday August 5th in Heberlig Palmer Tot Lot to present the design, listen to what the neighbors think of the design, discuss future planning and see how the community can come together to make this happen.  We moved the last meeting at the last minute to Friends Meeting House on A St. (thanks again!) due to a threat of rain but this time we have decided that no matter the weather, we will be having the meeting in the park pavilion.  If we need additional coverage, we will bring along a pop up tent for additional seating.  We really want everyone to come out to this meeting so we can get as many people involved in this project as possible.  This is our community park and we need the community to support it for it to actually happen.

Please look over the design so far so you can come to the meeting with questions, ideas and any other thoughts related to the project.  Thanks again to the grant funds available through the State’s Elm Street Program, we already have $25,000 to get this project started.  We will still need more to accomplish all of the things we want but this is an incredible boost to get the project underway.  We don’t just need money of course, we also need people.  People who are ready to see something great happen in our neighborhood.  We really hope you, your friends and your neighbors will be able to come out to the meeting on Monday!  See you then….

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