Survey shows residents pleased with Carlisle Borough & its services

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Carlisle has gotten feedback from borough residents thanks to a Dickinson College class randomly surveying 282 residents about borough services.  The article give more details but here are the statistics they gave so far:

Residents were satisfied with most borough services, but sidewalk repair, storm drainage and shopping were areas of concern.

Asked what their top three community concerns were, the most common responses were:

  • Lack of retail establishments;
  • Drugs, general safety and crime;
  • Taxes and government;
  • Air quality;
  • Education.

The higher ranking borough services were as follows:

  • Police with a rating of 78 percent satisfied or very satisfied, and 5 percent dissatisfied, with the rest indifferent;
  • Fire service with 84 percent satisfied, and 1 percent dissatisfied;
  • Ambulance and emergency medical services, 77 percent satisfied and 6 percent dissatisfied.
  • Those saying they were “indifferent” on the topic ranged from 15-17 percent in these categories, and in some other areas were as high as 30 percent.

Other responses included:

  • 63 percent feel safe or very safe in their neighborhood at night; and 52 percent feel this way in downtown Carlisle at night.
  • 10 percent said neighborhood crime was serious or very serious; and 18 percent said drugs are a problem.
  • 14 percent say noise is a problem; speeding, 14 percent; traffic, 13 percent; and 13 percent said their neighborhood is rundown.
  • 80 percent were satisfied in their dealings with borough employees.
  • 55 percent said they receive good value for taxes and are pleased with the borough’s “overall direction.”
  • 52 percent said they feel the government listens to citizens.
  • 71 percent are pleased with the borough’s appearance, and 73 percent with living in Carlisle.
  • 69 percent are happy with raising kids in Carlisle.
  • 42 are satisfied with shopping opportunities.