Tire and Wheel Demolition Update

RE-Invest Solutions, the company who owns the Tire and Wheel property, has updated their website with more information about the continuing demolition of the plant:


We are pleased to report that the above grade demolition of the former Carlisle Tire & Wheel buildings is expected to be 98% completed by May 1st, 2013. Despite delays in repairing aged water mains leading into the property, with assistance from the Borough of Carlisle, the demolition activities remain close to schedule. Repairs to the water mains are necessary prior to removing several of the remaining buildings onsite. The smokestack and silos will be the last above ground structures to be taken down after most of the site debris is removed (est. late May). The next stage of the demolition program to remove and crush the concrete slabs and sub-grade structures has begun and is expected to continue through the end of June. The site will be graded and secured at the completion of demolition activities. We have solicited bids for completion of environmental studies which are currently being reviewed. This work expected to begin shortly after demo is completed.

For more up to date information, please send all inquiries via e-mail to tl@re-investsolutions.com or call 631-479-3161.”

They also uploaded new aerial shots of the site.