Carlisle Community Gardens & Garden Ordinance

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 8.55.55 AMCarlisle has a few community gardens in town including one on the west side (West Locust Street Community Garden). There a plenty of opportunities to grow your own food in town even if you don’t have land where you live.  Recently though, there was some confusion within the borough about how our current ordinances regulate where and how a community garden can be created.  The codes department has been working hard to draft an thorough ordinance so when presented with these questions, they have concrete answers.  Because there wasn’t a lot of regulation about personal gardens, much of this would also apply to personal gardens.   The draft ordinance looks good so far and it will be presented to the Planning Commission on Thursday April 25th at 5:30 in Borough Hall.  There should be a good turn out for this meeting and public comment is allowed.  Both the Patriot and Sentinel wrote articles about the ordinance so you can read the details and background on it.

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 9.25.29 AMDickinson College Students last year created this video about the 3 Carlisle Community Gardens available to residents.

The Alliance Church (717-249-5344)
Dickinson’s Community Garden (Ann Dailey at )
West Locust Avenue Community Garden (Cindy Murphy: 245-2209)

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