3 Remaining Dates for FREE Spay/Neuter program for feral cats

We posted about this program last year and the funding for it is ending soon.

There are 3 dates remaining:
March 24th
April 14th
May 5th

The program lends you humane traps to capture feral cats in the neighborhood.  You then transport them to a designated hospital on the dates listed above and come back to pick up the animals later in the day.  Males are able to be released immediately but females need to be kept caged for 24 hours to ensure the wound heals.  This is a great program that helps keep the animal population down in the borough and it is totally free.

Contact info:
Shawna, TNR Clinic Co-Chair


From the Sentinel:

Thanks to a $22,500 PetSmart grant, the Furry Friends Network and the Central Penn Animal Alliance will be able to spay and neuter 500 feral cats in the Borough of Carlisle.

CPAA has scheduled multiple clinics for 2012. Mobile vet clinics will be brought to Carlisle to perform the surgeries. In the days immediately before each clinic, humane traps will be set out by feral cat colony caretakers to catch the cats.

In addition to being spayed or neutered, the cats will be vaccinated, treated for fleas and intestinal parasites and have their ears cleaned, said Robin Scherer, director of the Furry Friends Network, a group that provides foster homes to unwanted, abandoned, abused, neglected or orphaned animals.

“While they’re under, we’ll hold them and hug them. It’s the only time in their lives they will allow humans to touch them,” she said.

Foster need

After the surgery, the cats need a warm place to recover for up to 72 hours. Anyone who is willing to foster a cat after it has been spayed or neutered should call CPAA at 732-0611.

Most of the feral cats that have undergone TNR – short for Trap, Neuter, Release – will have to be re-released into the wild.

“Most of the cats, and this is a generalization, don’t make good pets. They think humans are bad. They’ve learned to survive as best they can on their own,” Scherer said.

However, if the traps snag any kittens who are estimated to be 8 weeks old or younger, they will be placed in foster homes until they can be adopted out. Kittens younger than 8 weeks can be rehabilitated into being good pets, but after 8 weeks, it’s harder to acclimate them to humans, she said.

Read more: http://cumberlink.com/news/local/grant-money-to-benefit-feral-abandoned-cats-in-carlisle-borough/article_b495f008-52c8-11e1-b3a3-001871e3ce6c.html#ixzz1prEdRhGy