Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Planning Meeting-Session #1

Residents working on map details
Residents working on map details

This first meeting with the Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Planners was really quite productive.  Tables of residents were asked to look at a map of the focus area and answer 5 questions about what should be addressed in the Plan.

The questions were:
1) Where are the Neighborhood Hubs?-(Orange sticker) (lots of neighborhood activity, block of retail, road intersection)

2)What are the sacred cows?  -(Yellow Sticker) (The areas that shouldn’t be changed or maybe just improved.)

3)How do you travel through the area?  -(drawn with sharpie)-What are the main areas of transportation?

4)What should be added? (green sticker) (amenities)

5)What didn’t the first 4 questions cover?

Our colorful finished map
Our colorful finished map

The map at our table was quite colorful and scribbled upon.  We wrote additional notes on the activity pages.  We discussed both new additions we would like to see in our neighborhood as well as areas of concern that need to be addressed as part of the plan.  Some of these concerns are not about the factories themselves but instead areas that already have issues and could be worsened by development.  One of those concerns is the safety of students accessing Hamilton school during car shows and in general, students ability to safely walk to both Hamilton or Bellaire schools.  Our table was just one of about 10 or 12 in the room that wrote on maps so it will be interesting to see what the planners present tonight after they have compiled all of the input.

Tonight’s meeting is again at the Carlisle Expo Center at 7pm.  There is still plenty of time to add your input to the discussion so please try to attend.  There is also a session at 4pm today (tuesday March 12th) at borough Hall to discuss “Multimodal Transportation”.  I hope to see some Westsiders there later today.  Thanks to everyone who was able to attend last night, it means a lot to have residents from the NW corner represented at these meetings.

The Sentinel also covered the first meeting.