West Side Neighbors Meeting-Urban Redevelopment Plan Recap

Picture 4Our neighborhood meeting turned out 25-30 interested neighbors and local church representatives for a lively conversation about the Urban Redevelopment Plan.  The meeting was a way we could discuss areas of personal interest to those of us who live in the NW area where most the changes we will be focused.  Some of us are planning on attending the open sessions March 11th-14th but we wanted to get people’s perspectives who might not be able to attend next week but still wanted to their ideas presented to the planners.

The following are some notes taken from the meeting.  If you were there and something is missing, please leave a comment on the blog or Facebook page or email carlislewestside@gmail.com.  Even if you weren’t at the meeting, we still would love to hear your areas of concern.  Of course it is also VERY important that we have a good turn out from those of us who live in and around these factories as we are the ones who will be directly affected by the changes, day in and day out.  This is a real opportunity for our neighborhood so let’s make sure people know what we think should be done in the area.

March 5th West Side Meeting
RE: The Urban Redevelopment Study

Brenda Landis organized the meeting and led the conversation.
Residents in attendance came from: A st, C st, D st, E st, F st., N. College, Redwood Dr, Factory St, Parker St, N. Hanover, W. Louther, N. West, Franklin St.

Below is a list of items discussed in no particular order.


  • Opening B Street – generally speaking, most people felt that it was a good idea; however there were concerns about the speed of traffic.  The study/development needs to flush out the road/street network including street lights, stop signs, enforcement, etc.  This will be the key to developing a pedestrian friendly development.
  • Look at additional areas where increased stop sign would be beneficial.
    • N. West street from Lincoln to G st.
    • College St from G st to North street.
  • Crosswalks throughout neighborhood already have issues.  No one stops.  Better crosswalk designations.  Pop ups in the middle of road? Crosswalk lines like on High street/Hanover
    • better cross walk at Penn st & College Street. Many elderly patrons of John’s restaurant are in jeopardy of getting hit by fast moving vehicles.
  • Create a walking path along railroad.  Direct connection between Dickinson College & Masland site. If retail/restaurants of interest are added there this is a nice short cut to get from neighborhoods to development.
  • Car show traffic-How can it be improved?
    • Open up turnpike access at K street.

Redevelopment of Factories

  • Residential – Some folks thought it would be nice if we could “bring back” the original residential fabric – i.e. housing to match the surrounding housing.   After some discussion, a senior living facility was mentioned as a needed addition to the neighborhood. There was also some talk about “quality” apartments for the “middle income folks”
  • Industry – Nobody wants any form of “industry”
  • Facility for kids – The group spoke passionately about having a facility where kids can “drop in” and hang out (with some structure).  The YMCA is too far and too expensive.  The space should include a community room where neighborhood groups could meet and use.  Other things like pool tables, chess tables, computers for residents, etc. would be welcomed
  • Incubator – creating a space where small start-ups could use would be great.  Something like the Broad Street Market/West Shore Farmers Market model should be looked at – business on top and food on bottom.

Green Spaces

  • Lots of additional green space surround Factories (D st & Factory-Along Spring Rd).  Unsure what developers plans are for them.
  • Interest in using green spaces to manage stormwater.
  • Implement community Garden within one of the spaces or green spaces bordering them.

General Concerns

  • Hamilton School – EVERYONE agreed that Hamilton School will need to be part of the conversation.  As it sits today, people felt it was UNSAFE for kids and NOT user friendly for parents (traffic patterns).  If nothing is done, the additional development will only compound these current problems.
  • Concerned of possibility that developers will offer to buy rental properties for demolition.  Home owners have some leverage to make deal worthwhile.  The borough needs to provide assistance relocating renters to comparable accommodations
  • Concern – increased property taxes – there was a lot of concern about the future developments INCREASING the property taxes on the surrounding properties.  What can be done about that?
  • Concern – lighting – although the residents want safe pedestrian lighting, they DO NOT what it so lite up that it detracts from the residential nature of the surrounding homes.
  • Concern – trash – the tire and wheel site is producing trash that is blowing all through the neighborhood.  It is also all around the fencing.  What can be done today to fix this problem?

The meeting ended, people stayed around and talked for about another 15 minutes.

2013.03 Carlisle Urban Redev1. Press Flyer 2013.03 Carlisle Urban Redev. Press Flyer


3 thoughts on “West Side Neighbors Meeting-Urban Redevelopment Plan Recap

  1. Additional comments sent in through email:
    1 Housing should mostly be for home owners and high end rental apartments as part of a condo association. To appeal to young professionals and retired professionals they want:
    a safety
    b easy access to downtown by car, foot, bike or bus
    c the college for cultural events
    d recreational activities

    2 Opening B Street would be a disaster as it will cut the new development in half.
    People want to live in low traffic or non vehicle areas.

    3 New housing wants to have parking at rear of homes and community / pedestrian space at the front and facing fronts of other homes.

    4 Traffic heading to Rt 11N and Rt 34 N need to turn left at College and turn
    right at E F or G.

    5 Consideration should be given to making N West street one way ( N to S) as this would make a good bus route to the Library, YMCA and the Mall. It is also one block from downtown. College would then became one way (S to N) . By making these streets one way a bike lane could also be added. to each road.

    6 Speed bumps would slow traffic on College and West through the college and residential area.

    7 Walking path along train track is a good idea.

    8 Opening K Street to the turnpike for EZ pass users

    9 Need for a professional office block for a doctor, dentist with apartments above.

    10 For recreation:
    a An artificial mini field that can be used for soccer, lacrosse and hockey.
    The field should have a roof but no sides for 3 season use
    b Two tennis courts and a practice wall
    c A basketball court
    d Volleyball court
    e Badminton court
    f Boule and horse shoe pits
    g Community garde area fro people who like to grow their own vegetables
    h A walking path
    i A community room for meetings, rentals for parties

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