West Side Neighbors Meeting to Discuss Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan-3/5/13

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What: West Side Neighbors Meeting to Discuss Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan
When: Tuesday March 5th 6:30pm
Where: Stuart Community Center 415 Franklin Street
Who:  Anyone & Everyone!
RSVPs would be very helpful but aren’t required.

The week of March 11th-15th the group tasked with creating the Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan, Stromberg/Garrigan & Associates, Inc., will be back in town for some open planning meetings with borough residents.  They will be looking at the redevelopment of Carlisle Tire & Wheel, the Masland Plant and the Tyco Plant as well as the neighborhoods that border those spaces (which is where we live of course!)  I am planning on attending those meetings (I hope many of you will too) but I thought that this is a crucial time to have some core groups and residents in the NW corner of town to come together and discuss in advance, what we would like to see happen.

This is a big opportunity and I think if we could chat about possibilities and what each person/group sees as areas to focus on and ideas to bring forth, we could start building a stronger neighborhood.  There is a wonderful group of churches, non-profits, businesses and residents in our neighborhood but we never find the time to meet to discuss our shared space.  I would love if we could try to pull this together since it seems like such a huge opportunity for our neighborhood.

I am sending this out to my west side contacts but it would be really helpful if you forward this on to your neighbors, friends and contacts for organizations/churches in our neighborhood.

Here is the map from the first Carlisle Urban Planning  Meeting outlining the area they are focusing on.  It is a big space so there are a lot of opportunities and options to look at.