Carlisle Urban Revitalization Meeting Recap

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 4.43.18 PMLast night’s meeting at borough hall was packed with neighbors eager to hear more about the revitalization of the northwest corner of Carlisle.  Since this was a kick off meeting, it didn’t give any specifics on new businesses but it gave a lot of information about the planners and what specific areas of Carlisle they are including as well as partners who will evaluate key topics throughout the process.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 11.48.24 AMA few details that I took away that I wasn’t aware of prior to the meeting:  The company that is facilitating the planning process, Stromberg/Garrigan & Associates, Inc., is very focused on sustainable development.  This is more than just building structures using sustainable design but it gives hope that when they are looking at the whole picture they are taking into account other aspects that other planning companies might not have been as focused on.  Sean Garrigan repeatedly mentioned that the plan is not only about the 3 industrial site but the entire neighborhood surrounding those areas.  The boundries he set were much larger than expected including pomfret to east to the fairgrounds by the turnpike to Franklin st.  He also discussed that it is not only a process to look at the commercial aspects of redevelopment but also residential.  This is integral to a successful plan because many homes in the direct vicinity to these industrial areas would also benefit by being a focus of the revitalization plan. Again, there weren’t details on this aspect but it’s something we will continue to push to be included throughout the talks.

The meeting was covered by multiple news organizations.  Here is a list of all articles and videos posted so far.

Stromberg/Garrigan & Associates, Inc. were helpful by giving out their powerpoint from the meeting.  Below is a run down of points.  Download the entire presentation here.  They have also set up a website and facebook page and will be posting information continually throughout the process.  Both are available for comments and feedback so feel free to voice your opinions about the project and process.
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Project Background & Need

Why is this planning effort so important to the citizenry of Carlisle Borough?

  • Fully acknowledge the impacts of the loss of major employment centers and large‐scale land uses.
  • Assess the current physical and economy reality of today

Proactively shape the future of the entire neighborhood by taking advantage of the all opportunities to enhance community vibrancy and 
Work with private property ownership (small and large) to promote
  • Assess and improve transportation options and circulation.
  • Clearing‐house and conduit for pursue public & private funding  and 

Our Approach – This is an Area‐Wide Plan

A successful community planning process for Carlisle must…

  • Consider the entire neighborhood – it’s not only about the larger 
redevelopment sites.
  • Utilizes an inclusive planning process to develop the plan.
Build upon previous and ongoing efforts.
  • Thoroughly understand existing conditions to make the most informed
 decisions possible.
  • Tap into the character defining elements that make Carlisle unique and a
 desirable  place.
  • Indentify and define viable redevelopment, urban design and public space
  • Pull together all of the aspects into a cohesive vision and a clear, concise
 and user‐friendly plan with very specific implementation actions.

The Big Three: Carlisle Tire & Wheel, Masland/IAC & Tyco

The successful reuse of these sites is critical to the long term economic
 vibrancy of Carlisle Borough

  • The most effective redevelopment plans are those that have community
  • Capitalize on the private interest to invest in your community.
  • This is the best opportunity to do it right – create project that “mesh” 
with the existing fabric of the neighborhoods.
  • Leveraging public and private resources to promote improvements.

Plans are Integrated with Key Action Strategies

The importance of measurable outcomes!

Establishing a “shared vision” for the redevelopment and clean‐up of
 brownfields and improve the entire planning area

  • Engage property owners and developers to promote private investment in redevelopment
  • Build community and political support for economically viable reuse strategies
  • Develop a strong “form‐based” urban design strategy for the sites and the study area

Identifying opportunities to strategically improve, reuse or upgrade
 infrastructure to support new investment

  • Determine potential future demand through build‐out modeling
  • Improve access and circulation using a multi‐modal and complete‐streets approach
  • Prioritize and phase improvements/upgrades to support and attract private investment

Create a clear roadmap for implementation

  • Prioritize projects and next steps for physical and environmental recommendations 
through an Action Plan for Implementation
  • Bundle reuse and infrastructure strategies into “project packages” that leverage available 
funding to the maximum extent possible

The Multi‐Day Public Planning & Design Workshop

  • Evening of March 11
Kick‐off Presentation
  • March 12
– March 13
– Special Topic Meetings and Working 
  • Evening of March 14
Presentation of Project Proposal