Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan Meeting-2/4/2013

Carlisle Borough Plans Redevelopment Meeting

for IAC and Tire & Wheel Sites

Public Encouraged to Attend

Carlisle Borough, in partnership with the Cumberland County Planning Department, will be holding a kickoff meeting for the Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan project on Monday, February 4th at 7 p.m. The public meeting will be held at Carlisle Borough Hall.
The objective of the Carlisle Redevelopment Plan is to create a unified vision for the redevelopment of the northwest quadrant of the borough including the , 1) IAC, also known as the Masland/Lear property, 2)Carlisle Tire & Wheel, and 3)Tyco Electronics property as well as other recommendations relative to the revitalization of this area. These properties, which are located in the northern section of the borough, have been vacant for a number of years. It is anticipated that, since two of these properties have been acquired by new owners/developers, they will be redeveloped in the near future.
The purpose of this meeting is to (1) formally introduce the Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan project to those in the community who are not familiar with the project, (2) publicly introduce representatives from Stromberg/Garrigan and Associates, the firm retained by the Borough to facilitate the planning process, and (3) provide residents, business owners, and other interested parties the opportunity to learn more about the planning process and ask questions.
Although the Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan has been discussed for many months at Borough Council meetings and has been covered extensively in the newspaper, the Borough wants to provide every opportunity for the community to be informed about, and involved with, the project.
During the meeting, the project consultants will provide an explanation of the scope of work that will be performed (and not performed). Additionally, the consultants will outline the anticipated schedule for the public planning sessions so that those who are interested in participating can plan accordingly. Finally, the consultants will be available to answer any questions.
Those who have any questions regarding this meeting or concerning the Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan can reach Matthew Candland, Borough Manager, by phone at 717-240-6920 or by email at