Spending Locally Helps Local Non-Profits

Pennlive posted an interesting story about Mechanicsburg’s Community Aid Thrift Store and how it really is living its mission to directly give back to the communities in our region.  Community Aid is a young organization but has really done well by sticking with it’s plan and following its principles.  A few years ago, I had noticed many new, bright yellow, collection bins in area parking lots for a charity called Planet Aid. The problem with this is that Planet Aid has questionable numbers when it comes to how much of their revenue actually goes to those in need.  I was happy to see most of these collection bins disappear and saw Community Aid bins replace them.  I was concerned at first because I didn’t know anything about how the organization worked and it they were actually giving back as they say they do.

The article does a great job of shining a light on how this company runs and ensures that it gives back.  Within Carlisle, Carlisle Cares gets a substantial portion of their operating budget from Community Aid so by shopping or donating items to them, you are in turn giving back directly to our local non-profits.  It’s something to keep in mind the next time you choose where to shop.