Slow clean-up at Masland-Lear Corp. infuriates neighbors

From the Sentinel:

Residents in and around B Street in Carlisle are growing impatient with Carlisle Events and have expressed anger over the delay in the clearing of the mountains of debris still remaining from the fire that tore through the old Masland-Lear Corp. carpet plant in May.

“I’d like to see this done. I’d like it moved along,” said resident John Mixell, who stood outside his home Wednesday shaking his head over what is now an eyesore for his neighborhood.

Melted siding, a result of the blaze, was still prominent on Mixell’s home Wednesday.

His insurance company has provided the necessary cash to repair the damage, but Mixell wants to wait until Carlisle Events completes clean up of the plant, he said.

Carlisle Events, who purchased the plant in 2010 and plan to build a hotel, residential homes, and other businesses there, said they are still assessing the plant, thus the delay in the cleanup.

“Some of the buildings that were beside the ones that caught on fire were also damaged. Because of that damage, we are in the process of evaluating the demolition of those structures,” Carlisle Events spokesman Michael Garland said.

However, residents said they have grown tired of seeing the mountains of broken bricks, burnt wood and metal and other debris, when they leave or return to their homes.

“The company is moving very slow to take care of the debris,” Sherry Miller said in an email to The Sentinel. “It looks bad, and it’s just a reminder for my father of what used to be there.”

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