Carlisle Residents work together to reduce crime

From the Sentinel:

Carlisle residents are fed up with crime and are moving to take back their borough.

“We are going after problem landlords letting them know that the behavior of some of their tenants are unacceptable,” said Curtis Hetrick, a member and past president of the Carlisle East Side Neighbors Association.

“So, whether you’re walking down the street at night or going to a business during the day, the appearance is that you’re not safe anymore in Carlisle,” said resident Heather Thornton. “The fact is, we as residents, have to let the criminal element and others know that we are fed up and we’re not ceding control of our borough…our homes, to them.”

Whether it is at a borough council meeting or a neighborhood association gathering, residents, officials and local authorities seem willing to work together to ensure the borough’s safety.

Residents Linda Manning and Trevor Alford addressed the July 12 borough council meeting, expressing their concern for the safety of citizens following a recent string of shootings and drug busts in Carlisle.

Last week, dozens of residents attended a meeting organized by the East Side Neighbors Association. The meeting also had in attendance Carlisle Police Chief Stephen Margeson, Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed, Carlisle Mayor Bill Kronenberg and several members of borough council.

The neighborhood meeting was held to calm fears and to help decipher ways in which citizens can get involved in helping to prevent or report criminal activity.

“The police are doing everything in their power about crime,” said borough councilman Matthew Madden. “I have heard from concerned citizens and what has happened recently has been unusual for Carlisle.

“The neighborhood association is getting involved with public safety and there was dialogue with police that was good,” Madden added. “Residents have to put faith in the police and keep their eyes open as well. If you see something, be willing to speak up.”

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