Public Safety Meeting Recap- via East Side Blog

We were not able to attend the Public Safety Committee Meeting that was open to the public this week but our friends on the East Side were and wrote up this great rundown of the meeting in general.

Here is a small excerpt from their post so please do go to the East Side Blog for the full Story.

Chief Margeson helpfully supplied the following summary of the events:

June 12: Mulberry Av.: Glenda Ferrer and Jamal Carter shot

June 13: 200 block of W. North St.: Demetrius Barnes stabbed; Tiger Anderson arrested (July 2 Tiger released)

June 23: 200 block of W. North St.: Buildings and cars shot

June 27: , 400 block of N. West St: Buildings and cars shot

June 28: 100 block of A St.: Terrance Ebo shot; Stephen Robinson charged

June 29: Delic Creations, 601 W. Louther St. robbed; 2 suspects arrested nearby, minutes later

July 5: 200 block of W. North St.: Tiger Anderson shot.

The Police response has been as follows:

1. Police dept./ Codes dept. cooperation. Teams visiting relevant properties to try and deal with code violations and related criminal activity.

2. Proactive police actions. Officers and detectives have been pulled from other work and assigned to investigations and interviews around these incidents.

3. Search warrants and planned arrests in other cases have been sped up in hopes of shaking loose information on these bigger incidents.

4. Probation and parole agencies, and the Cumberland County Drug Task Force have also been participating in these efforts


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  1. Thanks, Brenda. It was a very enlightening meeting. There is a lot of energy going into responding to this situation. One of the things we’d like to do is organize a joint meeting of all the neighborhood associations this summer to continue the conversation and focus specifically on some of the housing issues with some of the officials involved. This was discussed at last night’s ESNA meeting.

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