Carlisle Tire and Wheel Meeting Recap

Last night over 90 people showed up for the meeting with the Tire & Wheel Developers, RE Invest.  It was a productive meeting as they provided updates including the newly contracted demolition company who should start work on site in late July.  Work will start in the interior so we won’t see any wrecking balls for at least 3 months or more.  The process will be strategic and will follow federal regulations for handling toxic materials like asbestos.

As for the redevelopment of the site, that too has progressed since they were here in March.  The South portion between A & B streets seems destined for some sort of medical facility with possibly garden apartments above.  The North portion between C & D seems prime for a independent senior living.  This would not be one giant building but more of a campus of buildings and paths between them for residents to use.  The area between B & C is still very much open for development but not much interest has been shown so far.  B street will be recreated connecting College St & Factory St.  There has been no concrete plans for the parking areas that surround much of the plant and the Hollander Building (corner of B & College) and the ‘church’ along College street will remain and will be redeveloped as well.

A few questions were mentioned about green/recreational spaces and so far, there have been no space set aside for recreation but the developers say that most architectural designs they have seen so far incorporate much green landscaping.  It was also asked if any of the large trees along College & A Streets might be able to survive  but that was unclear at this point. They seemed happy to keep them if they could but it has to do with what the buyer of that site is interested in doing.

RE Invest has created a page on their site that they are planning on updating as the project moves forward.  We realize they can’t always have open meetings but we do very much appreciate their openness to discuss the plans so far.  If you have additional questions, feel free to follow along on their site or contact them.

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