Recent Violence Related to Previous Incidents in Carlisle

This is of course a no brainer, but this article in the Sentinel connects the recent shootings with prior violence in the borough.  By and large, our town is full of good neighbors but these few stand outs are tarnishing the town’s image.  Hopefully, we will all start to demand that our town returns to the safer place it once was.  That means we all do our share and help the police do there job.  Also, again, turning on your porch lights can keep people from hanging out in front of your house and will hopefully move the party elsewhere.

From the Sentinel:

“Carlisle Police Chief Stephen Margeson said he knows that recent shooting events in the borough may have been avoided if two victims had testified in previous cases.

Margeson described two past cases that he says have everything to do with two recent shootings in the borough of Carlisle.

On Dec. 4, 2011, William Flemister was shot in his home on North Bedford Street and Stephen Robinson, then 22, was arrested and charged with that shooting. But Flemister didn’t testify in that case, and the charges were dropped against Robinson.

Police said last week that Robinson shot Terrance Ebo, 26, at 12:55 p.m. June 28 in the 100 block of A Street.

“If Flemister had testified, Robinson would have been locked up,” Margeson said. “He wouldn’t have been out there.”

It’s an all too similar situation to the shooting that took place early Thursday morning in the 200 block of West North Street in the borough.

Carlisle police said Sylvester “Tiger” Anderson, 26, of Carlisle, was shot multiple times at 3:36 a.m. Thursday. He was treated at an unspecified hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said they do not have a suspect in custody, but Margeson noted how a refusal to testify resulted in Anderson being back on the street and in harm’s way.

“If (the victim and witnesses) testified, he would have still been incarcerated,” Margeson said of Anderson, who was charged with a stabbing incident, also in the 200 block of West North Street, on June 13. “That’s not to say some violent act couldn’t have been taken against him, but he would not have been around in that area at 3:30 (Thursday) morning on West North Street.”

It’s this kind of behavior that Margeson and other officials said is a factor in why there have been so many shootings in such a short amount of time in the borough.

“We need some help,” Carlisle Mayor William Kronenberg said. “We need people to stand up and point out who these people are.”

“For whatever reason, folks are declining to testify,” Margeson said. “I think it’s a civic duty. Every citizen has a responsibility to the community at large not to accept that kind of behavior. We have information, we hav
e names, but without support or involvement of direct victims and witnesses, this won’t work. I think that’s the most disturbing part of this.”……..

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