Lear Corp. Building Fire

The North West side of Carlisle took a big hit last night when the Lear Corp. building went up in flames.  Our area is aiming for a rebirth with the 2 factory lots (Lear & Tire and Wheel) planning redevelopment over the coming years but this might set back plans for the Lear facility.  On the other hand, maybe things will get sped up with insurance moneys helping to make progress on the site.  It was an eye sore before but of course now it is much worse.  I certainly hope that things improve quickly along that stretch as the people living in the area deserve to have a quick clean up and a much improved neighborhood hopefully.  Full story from the Sentinel.  More here too.

Image from Twitter user @josephmelias

Kudos to our fire departments for working tirelessly all night through a huge blaze plus a terrifying thunderstorm.  Thanks so much guys & ladies!

Image via the Sentinel