Carlisle Tire and Wheel Meeting Recap

Last night, Re Invest, the developers who bought the Carlisle Tire and Wheel Facility, met with around 75 Carlisle residents to discuss the progress on site.  Although they were planning to start razing the facility in January, they were unable to move forward due to additional research needing to be done prior for work to commence.  They mentioned that they had multiple versions of blueprints on the 40 buildings on site and that many conflicted with each other, causing them to conduct their own tests and measurements to ensure they were working with accurate information.  Work should begin at the facility by May and they are planning on having the whole building removed by the end of 2012.

Much of the meeting focused on future uses for the site as well as health concerns related to the deconstruction of the building.  Re Invest assured the crowd that there are multiples levels of air monitoring during the process and that they specialize in remediating properties with environmental issues.  They will clean up the facility and verify that whatever is built to replace the factory, will be environmentally sound.

Discussion about future uses for the property offered a wide variety of ideas.  Re Invest mentioned that they have had businesses inquire about the site although there are no contractual agreements at this moment.  Some businesses include retirement homes, apartment housing (individual, family or student) and medical arts buildings.  They also said the some retail stores could be an option although they have not been in discussion with any interested buyers at this point.  There is no plan to build singe family homes on the land though.  They were asking the audience what types of things they would like to see on the site and what the neighborhood could use.  Ideas that came from the audience included a drug store, grocery store, mixed use restaurant/market or antique co-op type facilities and a coffee shop.

Re Invest said they will make a master plan for the site and then find buyers who are interested in building on site.  This will ensure that the different sections of the site work well together and are not put together in a haphazard way.  The main site is broken up into 3 sections, divided by streets B and C.  The section between A and B streets would most likely be the focus of any commercial or retail business.  The developers are evaluating if they could find businesses that would be a draw for Dickinson College students.  They also are aware that B Street/Route 74 is a main connection into Carlisle and this would bring people directly to this site when entering town.  They are looking into ways to draw that traffic to the businesses the end up on site.

Currently, the developers are planning on leaving the Hollister Building, on the corner of College and B  streets, intact as well as the small church that Tire and Wheel had used as offices.  They didn’t have an idea of how they would be renovated but those were the only 2 structures that were not going to be razed.

The West Side Neighbors would like to thank Re Invest for coming out for the meeting and Eddy Kaplaniak for coordinating it.  Also, Libby Gibson from the Patriot News for covering the story.