Carlisle rental housing ordinance passes, issues raised

From the Sentinel:

After more than an hour of discussion, Carlisle Borough Council passed its contentious rental housing ordinance by a vote of 4-2.

Council members Don Grell and Matt Madden cast the dissenting votes, while council members Linda Cecconello, Dawn Flower, Robin Guido and Tim Scott voted in favor.

Council President Perry Heath, who is also acting mayor until a new mayor is appointed, did not vote on any matters before council Thursday night. He said at the outset of the meeting that because, as mayor, he could cast a tie-breaking vote on any issues on which council was unable to decide, he would not be voting.

The ordinance requires landlords to register with the borough; notify the borough within five days of any changes in tenancy; and calls for voluntary inspections that would earn landlords a “certificate of compliance” from the borough.

Before council voted on the ordinance, which was advertised after its Dec. 8 meeting, members of council raised several concerns.

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