Farmers on the Square Tomorrow

From the Farmers on the Square weekly email:

Just how beautiful will it be on the square this Wednesday?  Oh, do let me count the ways for you!

1.)    Sunny with a high of 77 degrees is a great start!

2.)    Roots has for sale lots of lovely cool, pastel larkspur and snapdragons as well as an increasing inventory of hot weather lilies, monarda & yarrow in red, orange and gold.

3.)    Prescott’s Patch plans to bring its first blueberries and raspberries of the season to market this week and there will be strawberries galore available from multiple farmers.

4.)    Michael Dempsey will be strumming his guitar for your listening pleasure.

5.)     Several pastured poultry and grass-fed livestock farmers will be pleased to discuss with you the beauty of their farming practices as an alternative to the industrial farming procedures that can contribute to a rise in food-borne illnesses.

6.)    CALC’s working artists will be there to keep little hands busy.

7.)    Pretty Meadow Farm will be bringing fresh fennel bulbs to the market.

8.)    Dave Bender will be offering free neck and back massages.

9.)    Three Springs Farm – as it waits patiently for cherries to ripen – will have really nice head lettuce on offer.

10.) Chef demos will bring together Keswick Creamery quark, Torchbearer’s hot sauce and Dickinson College spinach in an interesting spread as well as bring to light interesting ways to use zucchini as a stand-in for pasta.

And that is only a start.  Come see the bountiful beauty for yourself between 3 and 7 PM!