Road Diet Update

DAILY DRIVER UPDATE:Thursday  April 21, 2011

Road Diet

Ø  Handicap (HC) accessible ramp replacement work is continuing along the High St corridor ; please use caution near the excavated areas

Ø  Turn lane pavement arrows and bicycle lane symbols are being installed.

Ø  Work is progressing on the activation of left turn and right turn arrows at the square.  Additional work is needed on the walk signals before the arrows can be activated.

Ø  Activation of video detection cameras for traffic signals continued.  During the transition to utilization of the new traffic signal system , the cameras will be used with the existing systemto lessen the amount of “wasted” green time.*Presently, the cameras are in use at (7)  intersections.

Ø  It is anticipated that all cameras will be functional by the end of this week, weather permitting.

 *Note: At some intersections, “wasted” green time cannot be reduced until changes are made to the walk signals.  These changes must be made as HC ramp replacements take place.


 about the Road Diet’s Signalization…

a.       The activation process for the new traffic signal system is scheduled to begin Monday, April 25,

in the High St corridor.

b.      Traffic signal function will be switched from pre-timed settings to  “traffic responsive”, or “adaptive”, one intersection  at a time.

c.        As implementation of the new system progresses, the signals will communicate from intersection to intersection to improve traffic flow within the corridors.

d.      Until all signals under the new system are activated, the Road Diet will not be at full optimization. So, motorists and pedestrians will continue to experience some delays.

Future Facts :

Ø  Carlisle’s Traffic Management Plan for handling extreme traffic conditions

Ø  Installation of Lane Designation Signage

Ø  Bicycle/Parking Lane Information

Ø  New Walk Signals