Municipal blight-fighting bill goes to gov’s desk

This would be grand it it passed and Carlisle could target property owners (including landlords!) that neglect their upkeep responsibilities.

From the Sentinel:

Municipalities would be able to pursue a property owner’s personal assets to clean up or fix a property that is a public nuisance or has a serious code violation under a bill heading to Gov. Ed Rendell’s desk.

The state Senate unanimously approved the measure on Thursday. It secured House approval, 177-19, last week.

The bill also offers counties the option of creating housing courts.

Supporters say the bill is designed to give municipalities more muscle to fight blight and negligent property owners.

Under the bill, a municipality could pursue a lien against a property owner’s personal assets to recover any penalty fees and costs it incurs to deal with a problematic property.

A municipality also would be able to deny a new permit to such a property owner.

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