Westside home honored with title of ‘Garden of the Month’

Despite being surrounded by the bustle of both nearby Dickinson College and downtown Carlisle, Deborah and Barry Bittinger have found a way to restore the peace to their West North Street home.

Of course, it helps that their house and backyard sits atop a strip of land equivalent in size to an entire building lot.

“It’s very noisy here anymore. (So being here) is a nice little kind of getaway,” Deborah Bittinger says of couple’s backyard garden setting.

And with its clean and well-groomed look, featuring a gazebo, pond and multiple varieties of trees, it’s no wonder that the Bittinger’s efforts have been honored as September’s Garden of the Month by the Carlisle Garden Club.

‘A bit more hardy’

“Over the years it’s been a going-on project, just like it would be in your house,” Deborah Bittinger explains, “It’s kind of a labor of love for outdoor things and trees.”

Among the trees that call the Bittinger’s yard home – Dogwoods, Pin Oak, Enlish Walnut, Japanese Maple, Elm and Prairiefire Crabapple.

In addition to the trees, the backyard boasts Burning Bushes, Fountain Grass and a pond complete with goldfish, Japanese Koi and waterlillies. In terms of flower-life, the Bittingers stick with their tried and true impatiens, in addition to azaleas, marigolds and pots of flowers that hang on the gazebo.

“I do really like impatiens, and I do think they grow well in this environment,” Deborah Bittinger says. “With each passing year they seem to be a bit more hardy. We’ve been very lucky with the impatiens and we like them.”