Hope Station Area Neighbor Council needs new members

September 1, 2010

Few organizations have had the impact that Hope Station has in its relatively short existence.  Back in 2000, the Memorial Park neighborhood was still reeling from the effects of violent crime, much of it drug related.  There was a sense of apathy, despair, and hopelessness.

Talk about change.  The situation is far different today as a result of the dedication and commitment of an organization known as Hope Station.  Hope Station has provided the necessary home-grown leadership that has empowered people to take back their neighborhood so they and their kids can enjoy what you and I often take for granted-a neighborhood that is a good place to live.

Hope Station has made a difference in other ways too.  Many unemployed and under-employed people are earning a family sustaining wage because of the Hire Plus program.  This Hope Station sponsored program helps people prepare for the job search progress and, critically, helps them upgrade their computer skills so they can reenter the work place.

Hope Station is all about the right stuff that it takes to be successful in turning around a neighborhood.

I encourage you to consider joining the .  We invite you to an open house September 22, 2010 at 1 West Penn St Community Room from 6:30PM to 8:00 PM and meet the neighborhood board members. You’ll catch the excitement and sense of optimism that makes this one of the up and coming neighborhoods in Carlisle and Cumberland County.  Hope Station a proven program that needs your support to continue its good work.  Thanks for your consideration.


John Hilton