No word on Carlisle Tire & Wheel Closing Date

The Sentinel recently wrote a piece on the impending closure of the Carlisle Tire & Wheel plant.  Although when it was originally announced they gave the plant 12-15 months there still is no word on an official closing date.  There is no word yet on what will become of the space but Omar Shute, executive director of Cumberland County Economic Development, said the site, which is situated between North College and Factory streets and runs from A Street to D street, could be a prime location for a mixed-use development.

“What is going to go there depends on whoever buys it,” Shute said.

The property is currently listed for sale on the CB Richard Ellis’ property listing website. According to the ad, the plant features 382,265 square feet between the main building and other structures on 12 acres of land.

The asking price is $2.7 million.

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