ABC Northwest Neighborhood Crimewatch Association in the news

The Sentinel recently posted an article detailing the work of the ABC Northwest Neighborhood Crimewatch Association.  Also, the lovely Deb Winston is quoted in the article talking about all of the great neighborhood associations in town and the causes we champion.  Here is the beginning of the article, the link to the full article is below.

“After a 2008 home invasion in their neighborhood, a group of Carlisle residents opted to help solve problems where they live rather than doing nothing.

What came out of the citizen action was the ABC Northwest Neighborhood Crimewatch Association, ANCA for short.

“Even though that’s our name, we’re not a vigilante group,” said Lissy Weirich, the group’s secretary and spokesperson.

The mission of the group is to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood, which includes A, B and C streets, make it a safer environment, and encourage a sense of community, she said.

That is done not by actively patrolling the area, but rather reporting any incidents that members see to the proper authorities.

Incidents such as gun shots, dog issues, and noise complaints are reported to police, Weirich said.

“And of course we have the big one – drugs,” she added.”

Read full article here