Bluegrass on the Grass

Bluegrass on the Grass will again be showcased on the Dickinson College Campus July 10th from 1pm-9pm.  It’s FREE!  Bring a blanket or lawn chair and get ready for a relaxing day of live music. Bands will be playing at the following times:

1:00 p.m.        Special Consensus
1:45 p.m.        Chris & Sally Jones & the Nightdrivers
2:35 p.m.        The Freight Hoppers
3:25 p.m.        The Dismembered Tennesseans
4:15 p.m.        The Boxcars

5:00 p.m.        Special Consensus
5:50 p.m.        Chris & Sally Jones & the Nightdrivers
6:35 p.m.        The Freight Hoppers
7:25 p.m.        The Dismembered Tennesseans
8:15 p.m.        The Boxcars